Vietnam Short Breaks

We are pleased to announce a unique set of Vietnam short breaks for those foreign tourists travelling to Vietnam. This section is for those who do not want to be tied down to a full package with Travel Agent Hanoi. But have the option to do their own thing before and after.

With weekend breaks or short breaks anytime of the week, away from Hanoi, Hue, Danang or Ho Chi Minh City, you can enjoy a few days of fun and excitement traveling on one of our excellent private packaged trips.

We can offer you short holidays in Vietnam, giving you 3 or 4 days break from your planned Vietnam itinerary. 

Perhaps you are in north Vietnam and different kind of trip from Hanoi? We can certainly recommend a weekend trip to Ninh Binh to see the awesome limestone peaks. Stay in a homestay with a swimming pool & free cycling available to take trips around the rice fields and along the canals!

Or, if you are in south Vietnam and would like a short break from Saigon! We would definitely recommend a 3 day trip to Can Tho. A stunning lodge with pool and close to the floating markets and cycling trails in the local villages.

We adapt to what you the customer wants and we believe we have the perfect Vietnam short holidays for every taste.

Contact us with your Vietnam short holidays wish or check out our constantly updating list below!

Short breaks from Hanoi


Short breaks to Ninh Binh

One of our first short breaks in Vietnam would be Ninh Binh. Located just 80km from Hanoi and a great destination to get away from city life. A weekend break from Hanoi to Tam Coc brings breathtaking natural beauty, with limestone peaks and rice fields inside a stunning national park.

Things to do in Ninh Binh will entertain you and the family for days including cycling through rice fields, along rivers and under mountains. Rowing boats through caves and climbing limestone peaks to view panoramic views over the park. You can visit the bird parks and photograph many hundreds of different species returning to the nest.

Or you could take a camping trip to Cuc Phuong & go trekking in the ancient forest. Lots of truly amazing opportunities to take a short break from Hanoi. Contact us with your plans and we can write a unique package for your Vietnam weekend breaks!

Things to do in Ninh Binh!

✅ Row boat through caves
✅ Climb 500 steps to panoramic viewpoint
✅ Visit the Ancient Pagodas
✅ Go Bird Watching
✅ Eat local Goat Dishes
✅ Visit the Bear Sanctuary
✅ Cycle between limestone mountains
✅ Trek through forests
✅ Go on a Camping trip
✅ Kayak on Lakes
✅ Stay overnight in homestays
✅ Visit the Primate rescue centre

More information - Short break to Ninh Binh


Short breaks to Sapa

What could be more relaxing than sitting on your private balcony overlooking amazing views? This is what you could be doing with a long weekend away from Hanoi to Sapa. Away from the town, you have the sublime valleys and minority villages. The cascading rice terraces and the delightful tribes people of the Hmong, Dzay and Red Dao. Sit back and relax and enjoy the views on these two short breaks from Hanoi to the valleys of Sapa.


Things to do in Sapa!

✅ Go hiking on the hundreds of trails
✅ Take a scenic private car around the hotspots
✅ See the beautiful Silver Waterfalls
✅ Enjoy a locally prepared dinner with minority people
✅ Stay in a homestay with an indigenous family
✅ Walk along the edges of rice terraces
✅ Trek up and down the vast valleys to get panoramic views
✅ Try rice wine with chopsticks!
✅ Buy traditional clothes from the Hmong people
✅ Try harvesting the crops
✅ Dye your clothes with the locals
✅ Climb Mt Fansipan or take the cable car

More information - Short break to Sapa


Short breaks to Mai Chau

Mai Chau is one of those magical locations where less tourists seem to travel due to its distance from Hanoi. This amazing Vietnam short holidays location is nestled deep in the valleys of the Hoa Binh mountains and a perfect getaway for the city dweller.

Cycling around Mai Chau is the preferred method of transport and there is so much to see. Riding through the local villages, around the rice fields and under the mountains overlooking your every move. Local traditions are still going strong in Mai Chau and you can ride around the whole day and come across something really unique and interesting.

You do need a few days here to benefit from the 3.5 hour journey from Hanoi but with plenty of interesting homestays and stunning resorts, it is very easy to do. A short break from Hanoi to Mai Chau is one more excellent vacation you should try!

Things to do in Mai Chau!

✅ Cycle around local villages
✅ Climb the 1000 steps to Chieu Cave
✅ Trek through forests
✅ Walk around rice fields
✅ Watch a traditional dance by the White Thai minority
✅ Stay overnight in a lodge, homestay or resort
✅ Watch a stilt house being built
✅ Visit the Waterfalls
✅ Visit the Hydro Electro Dam
✅ Visit the traditional craft shops
✅ Buy silk scarves or rugs
✅ Check out the chopstick factory

More information - Short Break to Mai Chau


Short breaks to Ba Vi

The third spot in our Vietnam short breaks. Ba Vi is a popular short break from Hanoi for Hanoians escaping the intense heat during the hot summers. The cool mountain climate is perfect for that weekend away from Hanoi to recharge your batteries.

Ba Vi offers great opportunities to explore this mountain retreat by hiking or cycling through country trails. The forest is filled with huge beautiful trees, many different species of plant life and even rare animals such as the flying squirrel.

Ba Vi is one of the best Vietnam weekend breaks and closest to Hanoi!

Things to do in Ba Vi National Park

✅ Enjoy the cool mountain climate
✅ Visit the temple dedicated to Ho Chi Minh
✅ Hike on forest trails
✅ Cycle around the national park
✅ Visit the Orchid Gardens
✅ Look over the Red River views
✅ Walk up to the Old French Hill Station
✅ Take photos of the limestone mountains
✅ Bird Watching
✅ Spot the rare flying squirrels
✅ Identify the hundreds of different plant and fauna
✅ Stay at a 5* resort deep in the forest

More information - Short Break to Ba Vi


Short breaks to Pu Luong

One of the most interesting and stunning locations next in our list of Vietnam weekend breaks is Pu Luong. A stunning national park with mountains, valleys, rice terraces and rivers is located about 4 hours drive from Hanoi.

Often the resorts or homestays will have an infinity pool overlooking these amazing scenic views. Amazing treks through hidden villages, rice fields, along the rivers and to something special to Pu Luong are the water wheels.  

We would certainly recommend at least 3 or 4 days in Pu Luong to get the benefit of the long journey from Hanoi. But definitely worth it for one of the most amazing Vietnam short holidays! Take that expat short break from Hanoi to Pu Luong today!

Things to do in Pu Luong!

✅ Swim in Hieu Waterfall
✅ Visit hidden local villages
✅ Trek around rice fields
✅ Visit Doi Cave
✅ Bamboo Rafting 
✅ Visit Muong Ethnic minority
✅ Visit local markets at Pho Doan
✅ Swim in an infinity pool overlooking stunning views
✅ Kayak past villages
✅ Visit the water wheels
✅ Watch the water buffalo swim in the river
✅ Stay overnight at a retreat

More information - Short Break to Pu Luong

Expat Short breaks from Saigon


Short break to Can Tho

A short break to Can Tho is a great way to spend time in the heart of the Mekong Delta. A lively city with nice waterfront, narrow streets and wide promenades make exploring this city a delight. Can Tho is usually the base to head out and see the floating markets and take boat rides along the river. But there is so much more to do in Can Tho. We offer you a short break for 3 days to relax or explore, the itinerary is flexible. Contact us with any changes to the Vietnam weekend breaks & we can write a personal itinerary for you.


Things to do in Can Tho!

✅ Walk the narrow streets of Can Tho City
✅ Check out the tasty food at Central Market Food Stalls
✅ Take a boat trip to Cai Rang Floating market
✅ Go Bird Watching at Vuon Co
✅ Visit the best floating market at Phong Dien
✅ Take an Overnight Mekong cruise
✅ Cycle through Mekong villages
✅ Stay overnight in a homestay with a family
✅ Take a cooking class at a homestay
✅ Excite the kids at Can Tho Water Park
✅ Visit the Can Tho & Military Museums
✅ Visit the impressive Ong Temple

More information - Short break to Can Tho


Short break to Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc is a gorgeous island in the south of Vietnam and a perfect location for a short break from Saigon. With stunning white sandy beaches, excellent beach resorts and amazing weather. Also with seafood top of anyone's list visiting tropical islands, Phu Quoc has some of the best seafood in Vietnam. A trip from Saigon for a few days beach time is just the ticket to relieve that stress and tension from living or visiting Ho Chi Minh City. We have many options for perfect Vietnam weekend breaks and can adapt to any available time you may have for this short break from Saigon. Take a look at our suggested trips below.


Things to do in Phu Quoc!

✅ Visit the seafood market and try the locally caught lobster
✅ Relax on any number of white sandy beaches
✅ Visit the peppercorn plantation and pick up a batch
✅ Visit the old colonial prison
✅ Hire a motorbike and go exploring the island
✅ Enjoy snorkelling
✅ Take a diving course and explore the dive sites of Phu Quoc
Stay in a luxury resort with swimming pool
✅ Take a cooking class at a homestay
✅ Excite the kids at Vinpearl Water Park
✅ Enjoy 18 holes of golf
✅ Kayak the seas in calm waters

More information - Short break to Phu Quoc

Short breaks from Hue


Short break to Danang

If you fancy a change from the city life in Hue and wish to see something more exotic. We have some short breaks from Hue which will appeal to you. A trip up the cable car ride to the Golden Bridge for a selfie, or to the mountains of Bach Ma for a hike. The ancient streets of Hoi An with a tailor on every corner. Not to mention the romantic riverside setting with lanterns floating down river glowing in the dark.


Things to do in Danang!

✅ Visit the fiery bridge
✅ Climb Bach Ma Mountain
✅ Laze on the beach getting a tan
✅ Drive the Hai Van Pass
✅ Taste some of the best seafood
✅ Take the cable car to Ba Na Hills
✅ Take a selfie at the Golden Bridge
✅ Visit Marble Mountain
✅ Visit the ancient streets of Hoi An
✅ Excite the kids at Vinpearl Water Park
✅ Enjoy 18 holes of golf
✅ Take a river boat dinner cruise

More information - Short break to Danang


Short breaks to Phong Nha

This is an amazing journey through central Vietnam. Starting from Hue we will visit the famous DMZ and check out the military base, less touristy tunnels and famous landmarks of the war. We will then head on over to the stunning scenic Phong Nha National Park. Here you will get chance to explore the Phong Nha Loop on motorbike, visit the caves, take boat rides and take a swim in crystal clear waters.


Things to do in Phong Nha!

✅ Take the Phong Nha Loop by motorbike
✅ Visit the Kong Movie locations
✅ Visit Paradise Cave
✅ Check out Phong Nha Cave by boat
✅ Explore the biggest cave in the world Son Doong
✅ Camp overnight in Pygmy Cave
✅ Go jungle trekking
✅ Take an exciting 400m zipline
✅ Swim in crystal clear cave waters
✅ Enjoy a mud bath
✅ Take a swim at Thach Gio waterfall
✅ Explore Phong Nha by bicycle

More information - Short break to Phong Nha


Short break to Cham Islands

If snorkelling is top of your bucket list for things to do from Hue. Then there is no better place than Cham Islands. With pristine clear waters and coral and colourful fish to see. You will get a great break from Hue to the Cham Islands. Enjoy a drive along the Hai Van Pass and a night in Danang before heading out for a full days snorkelling finishing off staying on Cham Island for the night. With seafood and other delightful dishes locally sourced you will have a culinary experience on Cham Islands too.


Things to do on the Cham Islands!

✅ Spot of Fishing at Bai Lang
✅ Visit the natural caves of Bai Bac
✅ Walk the tranquil deserted beach at Bai Xep
✅ Swim in the sea
✅ Camp outdoors at Bai Bim or Bai Xep
✅ Go to Tan Hiep Market for souvenirs or seafood
✅ Go Snorkelling
✅ Check out the daily catch at Bai Huong
✅ Enjoy seafood meals at Bai Ong
✅ Visit Cham Island Marine Museum at Bai Ong
✅ Trek along the coast
✅ Visit Hai Tang Pagoda

More information - Short break to Cham Islands


Short breaks to Hoi An

The next in our list of Vietnam short breaks is in Hoi An. This is a well known destination for foreign tourists to Vietnam. An ancient town just a few kilometres off the coast & 40 minutes drive from Danang airport or Danang train station. A wonderful town to visit for a short break from Hue and a whole lot different to Hue City in many ways. In a romantic setting by the river, with narrow cobbled streets and stunning architecture from the colonial days. Local markets, boutique shops, tailors for that new suit or dress and even a cooking class to try out local dishes. In the evenings, set your lanterns afloat on the river and watch the candle float away and enjoy the night market with family.


Things to do in Hoi An!

✅ Ride a bicycle around the ancient streets
✅ Take a romantic dinner cruise
✅ Visit the night market and check out the lanterns
✅ Take a cooking class
✅ Have a suit, dress or pair of shoes tailor made
✅ Take a boat ride with locals to a remote island
✅ Check out the boutique shops 
✅ Visit the Mural Village
✅ Ride a cyclo around town
✅ Visit the colourful local market
✅ Ride out to the secret beach
✅ Take a bamboo basket ride tour

More information - Short break to Hoi An

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