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1 = low fitness - 10 = high fitness For hiking purposes in Sapa or the North East Loop!
If ages are not stated individually, we will take it they are 12 or over & classed as adults and will cost full price.
Please use the format Day/Month/Year
Please use the format Day/Month/Year
We can offer either direction of travel. North to South or South to North.
Please make sure to check you are permitted a visa to enter Vietnam before enquiring!
$35 per person (discounted if taking a full package)
Please click on the options ONLY if you intend us to include in your itinerary or it is possible to visit for the number of days in Vietnam.If it is not available, state below in the comments where you would like to visit!
These rooms are purely examples of the bed configuration for your information only!
Please advise on your budget for this trip so we can gauge which tours (group, premier group or private), hotels (standard, boutique or luxury) and also transfers (limousine or standard vehicle)!
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