About Travel Agent Hanoi


I am Ngat and I own Travel Agent Hanoi with my husband Simon from England in the United Kingdom. We are a small family Vietnam Travel Agency business located in Vietnam. Have been providing top quality tours and packages to guests from all over the world since October 2014.

Why Book with Travel Agent Hanoi?

While Ngat has tremendous partnerships with the best quality hotels, homestays and resorts. She also has an excellent array of transport companies up and down the country.

Simon is an ex serviceman with the Royal Air Force in the United Kingdom. He will take good care of you with military precision, planning everything in detail, so you do not have to. From airport transfers, tour pick ups, he will be available by WhatsApp ready and waiting to ensure you are on your way.

He gives you that high level of support & services you expect from the west, but all for a Vietnamese price.

Simon has also acquired great knowledge of travelling in Vietnam to make sure you get the right destinations in your itinerary. He spent time up and down the country researching destinations & best times to visit. He has also travelled by every means possible. Motorbike, bicycle, car, bus, train, seaplane and even walked some of it for charity.

He has a fantastic knowledge of Vietnam and can advise you on where best to go and what to expect when you get there. Simon of Travel Agent Hanoi will also help you decide what's best for you and your family. Telling you honestly what is worth seeing, where is worth staying & and where is not.

Over the years we have helped many people with our professional Vietnam travel agency service. Many have trusted in what we do by making their voices heard in their reviews on Google & TripAdvisor. We hope you will also trust in us to deliver that perfect trip of a lifetime with Travel Agent Hanoi. See you soon. Contact us now for a service like no other.



How to Book with your local Travel Agent in Hanoi!

We at Travel Agent Hanoi can understand how difficult it can be to choosing the right holiday to Vietnam. Some booking agencies can also make it extremely difficult to allow you to get exactly what you want! We at Travel Agent Hanoi have made our website as easy as possible for you to choose from ready made package holiday itineraries. Or pick and choose parts you want in a bespoke package holiday to Vietnam.

Booking with Travel Agent Hanoi is very easy and we have even made a video to help you go through the process. From sending in the contact form, which I go through with you in the video, to receiving your reply from us.

You will have your very own bespoke itinerary to Vietnam within hours, ready to start planning your flights to Vietnam and enjoy that wonderful trip of a lifetime.

Get started with your booking of a Vietnam holiday today and contact us below!

You will have your very own bespoke itinerary to Vietnam within hours. Ready to start planning your flights to Vietnam and enjoy that wonderful trip of a lifetime?

Get started with your booking of a Vietnam holiday today and contact us below!




Interactive Mobile App

We offer a fully interactive App for you to download your Vietnam itinerary to your smartphone. With private messaging, real time flight information & helpful map locations of all hotels, complete with Hanoi & Saigon City guides.

Single Tours

Travel Agent Hanoi offer a wide selection of single tours throughout Vietnam. You can choose from a selection of day trips, overnight cruises & cooking class. Also food tours & overnight trekking tours in the far North of Vietnam.

Tailor Made Holidays

Travel Agent Hanoi can offer a tailor made holiday just for you and your family. Let us deal with every aspect of your trip namely transfers, hotel arrangements, activities, tours, domestic flights and food.

24/7 Support

We are available 24/7 throughout your trip, giving you the support you deserve while on holiday in Vietnam. As well as by email, but also Whatsapp or Skype, we are definitely on call ready to help if the need arises.

Personal Service

As we are a family business, we can treat you like one of the family from the moment you first arrive in Hanoi. We will look after you with care and attention to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your trip.

Wide Choice

Travel Agent Hanoi have a wide selection of quality Hotels, tours and services to offer. We select only the very best which fits in with each and everyone’s budget.




We have travelled Vietnam!

As a family we have all taken a lot of these trips up and down the country ourselves in our spare time (check out our pics). Checking on tours authenticity and quality. Ensuring our guests enjoy the very best for their Vietnam holiday. We also stay in the same hotels we provide our guests to check on the high standards offered.

Being available and checking in from time to time. We take care of each and every guest as if they were part of our family, without intruding on your holiday of course. We are very passionate about our business and will shine through when organising your Vietnam vacation.

If you are happy to work with us, you will find us both very easy going & patient. Also you will find we are extremely responsive to any particular questions you may have about your upcoming Vietnam vacation.


Let us plan and organise your custom made Vietnam holiday package now. From start to finish we will take care of you like one of the family!

Travel Agent Hanoi Reviews

We would like to show you some of our local Vietnam agency reviews to give you more confidence in our services. Click to see other Travel Agent Hanoi video Reviews!

What we can show you are TripAdvisor reviews, Google reviews and online video reviews. Reviews we have collected over the years from clients who have enjoyed their trip with us.

Hopefully when you see these reviews it will give us chance to offer you the same quality services we do all our clients.

Click the video to hear our local Vietnam agency reviews!