North East Vietnam Minority Tour - Off The Beaten Path

A north East Vietnam minority tour gives you that extra special off the beaten path trip to see the real Vietnam up close and personal.

Forget about the busy streets of Hanoi and the hordes of tourists flocking to Halong Bay and come on a cultural adventure never seen before.

For 10 whole days (minimum 5 days) you will be amazed at the sheer beauty and friendliness of the local minority people. These tribal villages off the beaten path are not normally seen by tourists.

Go to villages untouched by tourism. See how people in the far north east of Vietnam really live their lives. It is a very humbling experience.

Check out Lisa and her daughter's journey through the north east below. They did this trip in April 2024 & enjoyed unique local experiences such as meeting cinnamon spice farmers.

This is THE journey of a lifetime! For a truly off the beaten path experience take our private north east minority tour with Travel Agent Hanoi now.

* If you don't like taking a trip with so many hours of driving between locations. Do check out our North Vietnam Loop with shorter driving times, and equally amazing scenery!


North East 10 Day Bucket List

See what you can do in 11 days and tick them off your North East Vietnam Bucket List

  • Ride a bamboo raft on Ba Be Lake
  • Ride along the most dangerous mountain pass Ma Pi Leng
  • Visit Nguom Ngao cave (tiger cave)
  • Meet the Black Lo Lo and San Chi people.
  • Check out the markets of the Dzay and Tay tribes in Bao Lac
  • Trek through Pac Ngoi tribal villages
  • Visit the great Ban Gioc Waterfalls
  • Visit the sewing handicraft village of H’Mong people
  • Walk with the local minority children
  • Stay in private bungalow overlooking rice terraces below
  • Harvest the rice with the local farmers (depends on season)
  • Visit the Black Hmong minorities on a private trek through the beautiful valleys and rice fields
  • Drink rice wine with chopsticks with the local homestay family – MUST BE SEEN!

Your Journey

Your North East Adventure