Sapa 3 Day Treks

Sapa 3 Day Treks are for those travellers to Vietnam with plenty of time available to enjoy their hiking in Sapa.

Our 3 day treks will give you more time in 2 different minority villages overnight. One overnight stay in a homestay, but then a night in a more rustic home, usually of the guide taking around your hike in Sapa.

This has to be the most rewarding experience you can have on any hike in Sapa. The traditional homes that you stay in, may be out of your comfort zone, but wow, what an experience. These are the REAL LIFE rural villages every person wants to witness, so if this may not be your cup of tea, please advise. This is rustic and back to nature!!! The best!

A happy, friendly minority family will take care of you as they would their own family, with traditional local breakfasts, lunches & dinners. Perhaps the odd cup of rice wine will give you a warm feeling inside (if hiking in winter). A truly magical cultural experience, you won't find anywhere else in Vietnam.

Check out our range of three day treks to Sapa below and book with confidence with Travel Agent Hanoi.