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We all need a little inspiration for where to see when travelling to Vietnam. So if having already decided to travel to Vietnam keep reading. So, to gain some Vietnam inspiration for your planned holiday to Vietnam in 2021 we have a selection of videos & photos from all over Vietnam, taken by ourselves or customers of ours.

There is definitely something for everyone here in "Vietnam Inspiration", so take a look & choose where you would like to travel on your Vietnam holiday in 2021 with Travel Agent Hanoi.

We have videos in the far northern reaches of the Ha Giang Loop all the way down to the southern island of Phu Quoc with the stunning beaches on display.

We also have videos showing what is possible when you book a Vietnam package deal with your local Travel Agent Hanoi. If you are a solo traveller, a couple, retirees, a groups of friends or a family we have you covered.

So, have a run through them today and contact us with where YOU would like to visit for your Vietnam holiday in 2021?


Travel Agent Hanoi Vietnam Inspiration Gallery

Post Lockdown Travel Ideas!



Without doubt, one of our most popular questions in this day and age is, where should I go in Vietnam for the best holiday? For those who don't mind a longer holiday to Vietnam. We would suggest a 3 week adventure exploring the very best of Vietnam. A true Vietnam inspiration to see where you could be going in 2021!

Starting in Hanoi with a street food tour, heading to Halong Bay for an overnight cruise (maybe even taking the scenic sightseeing flight). If a tour off the beaten path is of interest to you, then our private north east tour of the best scenery in the whole of Vietnam is definitely your cup of tea.

With trekking in Sapa, the tombs of Hue & the ancient streets of Hoi An along with the hectic but charming city of Ho Chi Minh City. Finally finishing off on Phu Quoc Island for some well deserved beach time. Check out the video now and find out where you can go!

Solo Traveller


If you intend to travel to Vietnam in 2021 as a solo traveller, we have you covered. Here is a video to hopefully bring some Vietnam inspiration to your task of choosing where to go.

We have exciting activities from kayaking, cycling, canyoning, white water rafting, climbing, trekking and cooking classes.

If you want a less active Vietnam holiday we can add in more beach time at one of the best resorts for a great price.

Check out our video above and the following links in Sapa, Halong Bay and Saigon for further inspiration!

Young Couples


Travelling to South East Asia as a young couple is exciting enough, but add in to the mix that it is Vietnam, you will be blown away!

With perfect trips for young romantic couples on overnight cruises, private river boat rides, cooking classes and private food tours. You will have memories to last a lifetime with a holiday to Vietnam 2021 with Travel Agent Hanoi.

Check out our suggested itineraries and give yourself some Vietnam inspiration & choose all that would interest you and don't worry if you need to change anything, they are completely flexible and can be mixed and matched!


Ho Chi Minh City

Vietnam Inspiration

Ban Gioc Waterfalls

Vietnam Inspiration


Over 50's Package

There may come a time in your life when your kids decide to leave home to head off on their own journey. This is a now the time, to start your new journey in life and explore more exotic destinations without the kids. Check our video for Vietnam inspiration and see where you would like to visit.

One such place which is gripping the entire world with stories of the best street food in the world, amazing views at the UNESCO world heritage site such as Halong Bay and Hoi An ancient town.

Your time is now, let Travel Agent Hanoi organise that perfect trip to see Vietnam for 2 or 3 weeks.  We are experts in providing the quality and variety you deserve with a mix of relaxation, activity and cultural experiences. All promising to be a once in a lifetime experience.


Family Holidays

Travelling with family, especially young children can be a real challenge. In addition to this, before you travel, you are expected to choose the right hotel, in the right location & child friendly. If you don't choose a good mix of exciting activities for the kids, in addition to keeping the adults amused you are in trouble.

This is where Travel Agent Hanoi can help. With activities for the kids such as water parks, kayaking, cycling and caves. Fine cultural destinations with a good mix of relaxation for the parents too. We are experts in choosing the right Vietnam itinerary for you and your family. Check us out today and see where you could be heading for 2021!


Mui Ne

Vietnam Inspiration


Vietnam Inspiration


Post Lockdown Travel

After going through a difficult time during the covid-19 pandemic around the world, you will definitely need to get away for a holiday! Where do you plan on travelling to post lockdown?

A Vietnam holiday in 2021 is something you can all dream of at the moment. But it can be a reality once the dust has settled and is safe again to travel. Check out the video for Vietnam inspiration and get. in touch with what interests you.

Vietnam is going to be the top destination of South East Asia in 2021. So why not start dreaming of that vacation to Vietnam for 2021 with your family.

Take a look at the packages available and see what you can achieve for a perfect holiday to Vietnam. Post Lockdown Travel for you and the family!

Sapa Trekking

Sapa is one of the most visited destinations in Vietnam & if you are willing to travel that extra mile to reach the stunning valleys. It is certainly worth the visit anytime of the year.

The best time would be April/May or August/September when the rice fields are starting to grow a lovely deep green colour.

With private unique treks available to guests of Travel Agent Hanoi, why not add this to your next Vietnam holiday in 2021.

Stay overnight in a local minority homestay and enjoy a freshly cooked dinner and a couple of glasses of the fire water called rice wine.



Vietnam Inspiration

Hoi An

Vietnam Inspiration


Mekong Jungle Cruise

Just south west of Ho Chi Minh City you will find the region of the Mekong Delta. Here you will find the most amazing network of canals and rivers all connected to give you a true Vietnam experience.

Cruising the rivers through dense jungle would give you the impression you were in a blockbuster movie. It's all very real and you are experiencing the real Vietnam which will embed in your memories for a lifetime!

You can either take a bus or private car with a guide to Can Tho and enjoy a day out checking the local culture. Or, we offer a 3 day break from Ho Chi Minh City including a beautiful resort with pool.

There are also stunning river boat cruises starting in Can Tho and ending in Cai Be or vice versa!

Halong Bay from above

This is the moment you feel on top of the world. A sightseeing flight over Halong Bay is the pinnacle of trips to take from Halong Bay.

Either you take the flight directly from Hanoi airport taking 45 minutes with a 15 minute flyover (as per the video). Or, you can take a 25 minute seaplane sightseeing tour of Halong Bay from the skys.

Both are exhilarating experiences and not to pass on if you have the time when visiting Vietnam in 2021.

Check out the overnight cruises you can take in addition to the seaplane flight when sailing from Tuan Chau harbour.



Vietnam holiday ideas

Halong Bay

Vietnam holiday ideas