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Hey everyone, this is Ngát of Travel Agent Hanoi. Since the new year, I have been looking at new & wonderful Vietnam street food opportunities up and down the country. To bring to you, the food junkie.

Gone are the days of a simple walking Vietnam street food tour. We are well in to the 21st century now & the foodie options have exploded in Vietnam.

You can still take our famous walking street food tour. But now, you can ride on the back of a Vespa, scooter or more excitingly by vintage Minsk motorcycle. Go by cyclo or ride along in a Military Jeep.

We can offer, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian or even snake!!

Take a look below and see which Vietnam street food tour takes your fancy!

*Private & group tours available on some tours - contact for more details!

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Starting with the classic, we have our very own, Vietnam street food tour. Food is an important part of culture all around the world. Hanoi was voted the no.1 food destination on Tripadvisor 2023 Travelers' Choice Best of the Best Awards. You can prove this achievement is warranted by taking our unique walking street food tour of Hanoi today.

Hanoians & Saigonese can be picky eaters and with a choice of hundreds of dishes, the street vendors must get it right. We take you to these spots to eat some of the best street food in Hanoi, Saigon or Hue.

Let the expert tour guide lead you through the streets of the city taking you to the very best street food stands and local restaurants in the best parts of Hanoi, Saigon or Hue. While indulging in tasty food, you will also learn about the history of the dish, the culture and also observe local city life in these ancient cities.

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Hanoi & Saigon are huge city's & not all the best street food can be found on foot. This means there are a world of opportunities of delicious street food being missed by tourists visiting Vietnam.

Bring on new delicious street food dishes from the suburbs of Hanoi & Saigon city today. Take the a scooter or even more impressive, a Vintage Minsk Motorbike street food tour. We take you for a totally different experience & the difference between a good food tour and an excellent food tour. Riding around the back streets of Hanoi by scooter or vintage minsk is the latter by far. The local tour guides will take you to lesser known spots & cultural sites explaining all about the history of these great city's. We will pass by and tick off some of the most famous city’s landmarks making this the best motorbike street food tour in Vietnam.

Enjoy taking memorable photos on your Vietnam motorbike street food tour whilst eating exquisite vietnamese street food.

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Vietnam is now not only a meat eaters paradise for food lovers. It has now embraced the different tastes of many people around the world and entered the 21st century for food. I am of course talking about vegetarian, pescatraian and vegan food lovers. With a multitude of amazing food on offer in vietnam. It was of course obvious they would adapt to help bring the same great tasting food without the need for meat.

It isn't so hard to find Vietnamese food that caters to the needs of vegans. However, the need for unaccustomed visitors to go to vegan restaurants can be an expensive experience. Taking our Vietnam Vegan Food Tour in either Hanoi, Hue or Saigon to visit spots in the city you will miss. Try an amazing vegan buffet, or a multitude of great tasty Vegan food in Hanoi, Hue & Saigon.

Listen to your guide has he delivers an interesting insight into Vietnam's history and culture. They will also offer further recommendations for vegan eateries in the city.

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A new and exciting way to see the streets of Hanoi is by Military Jeep. Explore the real local life of the city in a unique way while sampling the very best street food Vietnam has to offer.

Experience the sights, smells, & tastes of Hanoi up close and personal. A Hanoi military jeep food tour offers a one-of-a-kind adventure. See the capital city’s highlights in a Vietnam People’s Army legendary Jeep - Uaz469 from the Soviet Era.

Add to this experience with the delightful dishes of food on offer, and you have yourselves an awesome day tour in Hanoi.

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