Mekong Delta Speedboat Tours

The best way to see the Mekong Delta is undoubtedly the Mekong Delta speedboat tours & a trip in luxury. Stay away from the overloaded bus journeys to the Mekong  as with most other Mekong Delta tours by bus. Stick to something that will bring you fond memories and not back ache!

We have speedboat tours from Saigon close to the city in Long An, with lush jungle  riversides. You will see local people busy working away to support their families outside this metropolis of Ho Chi Minh City.

We also go deep in to the Mekong Delta by visiting Ben Tre and its indigenous people working in their traditional ways, something you can visit and take part in if you ask nicely!

Check out our current Mekong Speedboat Tours below and see which you would prefer and head on over to the Saigon Day Tours page and fill in the contact form.

Saigon Countryside Speedboat Tour 



Mekong Delta Speedboat Tour