Vietnam Day Tours

We have compiled a list of the best Vietnam day tours from Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Along with Hue & Hoi An & more to be added soon. Many tours in Vietnam can be of a low quality & below anyone's expectations for decent Vietnam day tours.

Here at Travel Agent Hanoi, we choose the very best tour operators for quality tours to suit their budgets. Whether it is for a half day or a full day Vietnam tour.

A day trip from Hanoi can include popular activities such as cycling, walking or climbing. In addition to caves, cruises, kayaking, temples, mausoleums & ancient streets. Finally the best street food in the world. In Saigon, it is very similar to their northern Vietnam counterpart. But in addition, river boat rides, sky deck views & speedboat rides. Along with war history, military jeep tours and much much more.

Take a look at our select day trips from Hanoi and day tours from Saigon. More are being uploaded to our site each week. With Hue, Hoi An etc very soon. So see which you would like to choose and fill in the contact form to arrange your day tour with us.


A day trip in Hanoi can simply mean a cultural walk around the ancient town known as the Old Quarter. Along with 36 streets making up the different trades and items for sale. You could spend a whole day here and not get bored, an exciting street walk of Hanoi is on many a bucket list for a travellers Vietnam holiday.

Venture out of the city and you will require a hanoi day trip, this can be done yourself with local buses but for most this a little daunting and time consuming to plan.

The best way to see Hanoi and around Hanoi is by booking a day trip from Hanoi with Travel Agent Hanoi.

Check out our list of Vietnam 1 day tours in Hanoi and contact us with your booking!


Exploring a new city like Saigon can definitely be a daunting task, especially if not accustomed to exploring yourself. However, it can be done if you are pretty adventurous. Take a walk around & explore the many landmarks available to you. But, if you wanted to do this in style, we can offer a day tour of Saigon with military jeeps. This is by far the most exhilarating way to get around Saigon city on a Vietnam 1 day tour and one to take home as fond memories!

Getting away from Saigon couldn't be easier than booking your Vietnam 1 day tour with Travel Agent Hanoi. Excite the family with an amazing speedboat ride to the Cu Chi Tunnels or ride a rowing boat donning a conical hat for that typical Vietnamese holiday snap in the Mekong Delta.

All this and more when you go through to Saigon Day Tours.


A day trip in Hue can mean a lovely walk along the promenade of the Perfume River. In addition to checking out the Royal Tombs or local markets. Hue is known for some of the best street food in Vietnam. Our favourite is Bun Bo Hue, a very tasty soup which just has to be tried.

A collection of Vietnam day tours from Hue can mean a trip to the beach. Delving deep into the war history in the DMZ & tunnels.

Or maybe a coastal drive along to Danang which is best done by motorbike as seen on Top Gear.

Check out our list of Vietnam 1 day tours in Hue and contact us with your booking!

Hoi An

Hoi An is a lovely ancient town with many small alleyways and streets to explore on foot. A trip to the market will brighten anyone's day with the vast array of colourful fruit and vegetable stalls available to locals to buy.

Sometimes you will need to perhaps venture out of Hoi An and head out on a Hoi An day tour, with a vast array of activities available, it's our recommendation that you do. From buffalo riding, bamboo basket boat rides in lush jungle canals. To cooking classes, organic farm visits, or perhaps to the selfie capital of the central region, The Golden Bridge. A day tour from Hoi An has a lot. to offer the traveller to Vietnam.

Check out our Vietnam 1 day tours now and let us arrange a quality tour from Hoi An.

*Due to the recent reopening of Vietnam on the 15th March, some group tours may not be available. All prices are also subject to change due to new tour operators and prices.

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