Sapa Bucket List

A Sapa bucket list can be quite a long one and because its so far away from Hanoi, some people do not end up adding it to their Vietnam bucket list, due to time restrictions. But, if you do have time, a Sapa bucket list is well worth the effort, just for the unique challenge and huge array of different kinds of exciting and wonderful experiences that can start all the way back in Hanoi.

Starting with a tremendous experience by overnight train from Hanoi to Lao Cai. The drive up the snaking roads passing by wondeful scenery before you have even reached Sapa. These are the things that you don't read about but will come to know and add to your Sapa bucket list today.

Take a look at the Travel Agent Hanoi exciting Sapa bucket list now and see what wonderful experiences you can achieve on your Vietnam holiday.

20 unique things to do in Sapa!

  • Enjoy an overnight sleeper train experience
  • Walk up Dragon Hill and get panoramic photos over Sapa Town
  • Buy traditional H’Mong clothing from Sapa market
  • Take a selfie with a local minority guide
  • Take the cable car up Vietnam’s highest mountain Fansipan
  • Stay overnight on Mt Fansipan and climb over 2 days
  • Trek through the Huong Moa Valley
  • Tip Toe along the edges of rice terraces
  • Walk with buffalo
  • Take a tour with a local H’Mong or Red Dao guide

  • Help cook & have dinner with a minority family
  • Sleep overnight in a Sapa homestay
  • Drink Rice Wine with chopsticks – must see!
  • Visit Silver Waterfall
  • Take a journey to Can Cau Saturday market & Bac Ha Sunday market
  • Trek to off the beaten trails with Travel Agent Hanoi
  • Watch the local minority women weave their clothes from hemp
  • Try dyeing your clothes with Indigo
  • Try your hand at harvesting the rice crops (depends on season)
  • Eat a picnic lunch by a stream in the valleys

Sapa bucket list
Sapa bucket list
Sapa bucket list
Sapa bucket list
Sapa bucket list
Sapa bucket list