Hue City Bucket List

A trip to Hue can certainly spring up some surprising Hue interests that wouldn't be so obvious to some travellers to Vietnam. Some people certainly miss out when they do not include Hue in their trip. We find it quite sad because there is certainly a lot of things to do in Hue. Therefore we have written our Hue City bucket list just for you.

Hue activities range from tasting some of the best food in Vietnam. To walking around terracotta style warriors at the royal tombs. A stroll along the Perfume River or a dragon boat sailing down it spring to mind. These are all great Hue activities you should definitely think of on your Vietnam holiday.

Moreover, the royal tombs and Citadels with moats and a multitude of hidden gems bring you a great list of Hue interests just for you.

Take a look at our Hue City bucket list now and contact with what you wish to see & do on YOUR Vietnam Holiday!

Things to do in Hue!

  • Visit the vast jungle of Bach Ma National Park and see the many many French villas built in their occupation
  • Take a motorbike tour to the Imperial City & visit the citadel.
  • Walk around the tombs of Tu Duc & Khai Dinh
  • Enjoy a river cruise taking in Ming Manh tomb, Hon Chen temple and Tien Mu pagoda
  • Go camping on Canh Duong Beach
  • Marvel at Elephant springs
  • Walk along Lang Co Beach & enjoy excellent seafood
  • Take a trip out to Tam Giang lagoon
  • Taste the best soup in Vietnam – Hue-Style Beef Noodle Soup (Bún Bò Huế)
  • Try a selection of Banh Hue (Banh Beo, Banh loc, Banh Nam, Banh Ram It)

  • Enjoy lunch at Chuon Lagoon on stilts
  • Walk across Thanh Toan Japanese bridge
  • Take a mountain trip up to secluded Huyen Không Sơn Thượng pagoda and enjoy a picnic under the cool shade of the trees
  • Check out the Water Puppet show
  • Shop till you drop at Dong Ba market
  • Enjoy a bit of museum time at Hue Museum Of Royal Antiquities
  • Try out My An hot springs
  • Fancy the beach – try Thuan An Beach
  • Explore the eerie abandoned water park (Ho Thuy Tien Lake)
  • Cruise along Perfume River

Hue City bucket list
Phong Nha bucket list
Hue City bucket list
Hue city bucket list