DMZ Bucket List

A DMZ bucket list could be a trip down memory lane for the Vietnam vets who served during the war. Or, it could be a totally new experience for the younger generation who have a deep interest in what happened here many years ago!

There are certainly less combat bases and areas where the war was fought these days. Where once serious battles were fought are now filled with coffee and rubber plantations, definitely moved on.

But, there are still some unique and interesting spots to look out for & tick off your DMZ bucket list for Vietnam. Such famous names such as Hamburger Hill, Khe San combat base and Vinh Moc Tunnels will give you an idea of what is in store.

It is best to take along a guide to ensure you do not miss the best parts of the DMZ. Each of the items on the DMZ bucket list are quite spaced out too. A private car will help you see this all in one day.

If you would like a private tour from Hue of the DMZ, we can certainly organise this for you. A private car, English speaking guide, entrance fees and lunch all included, contact us now to book.


Things to see in the DMZ!

  • Visit the Vinh Moc Tunnels
  • Take a sobering look around Truong Son National Ceremony to pay your respects
  • Explore Khe San Combat Base
  • See Lang Van Church on the way to the DMZ
  • Walk across Hien Luong Bridge on the Ben Hai River
  • Visit the renamed town of Khe San to Huong Hoa

  • Wander up Hamburger Hill
  • Have lunch at Doc Mieu Firebase
  • See the Vietnamese memorial marker at Camp Carroll
  • Check out the US Marine Corps lookout named the Rockpile!
  • Ride along the Ho Chi Minh Trail
  • Con Thien Firebase (stick to the paths)
  • Walk along Cua Tung beach