Vietnam Bucket List

A Vietnam bucket list is generally a list of places you wish to go to in Vietnam or an activity you wish to take part in, for example walk the 36 streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi, take a bamboo boat trip in Halong Bay or try an egg coffee.

Everyone these days has a bucket list, they may not know its called this but they do have one. Whats on yours?

When I started travelling back in 2010, mine was simply a bucket list of countries in South East Asia I wanted to travel to, mainly Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Malaysia.

But then, an incredible motorbike ride through Vietnam gave me a whole new list ready to be explored! With so many new places and activities on my list, I am still here today ticking them off and adding to it.

Here at Travel Agent Hanoi we have put together a Vietnam bucket list for each destination we feel you would love to add to yours. It is in no way complete, as with any bucket list, they seem to increase over time but its a great start to show you exactly what is in store for your next Vietnam holiday.

We have started with the 20 best things to do in Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. As good a place to start as any, one which has far more than 20, but lets go and see if you have either completed them, or would like to add to your ever growing bucket list of Vietnam.

Click on the following photos and check out the bucket list items you could be adding today!