Hanoi F1 Extended Weekend

For a unique experience visiting Vietnam over 5 days, we would suggest our Hanoi F1 Extended Weekend including 3 day race tickets.

With 5 days available for your Vietnam holiday, we can certainly help you with a Vietnam itinerary including the F1. Whether you wish to see all three days of the F1 in Hanoi. Or, simply want to watch the main race day, we can accommodate your requests completely!

Choosing our neat Hanoi F1 Extended Weekend package is for those travellers who wish to see both Hanoi & the F1. BUt have limited time to do it.

Explore Hanoi & its charming Old Quarter with many trading streets around for generations.  Try out some of the best street food in the world with our Hanoi Street Food Tour and maybe a glass of cold fresh beer.

A day trip from Hanoi will also give you another stunning angle to this delightful Hanoi F1 extended weekend package. Enjoy a relaxing rowing boat experience gliding in and out of the limestone caves. Visit the ancient pagodas of old and delve in to the history of this great country.

Check out the itinerary below of your Hanoi F1 package today. Also, if you wish to change anything about this Hanoi F1 package, please contact us. Our Formula 1 packages, along with all our Vietnam package holidays, are completely flexible to meet your needs and budget.

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