Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2025

Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 was famous for all the wrong reasons, but will there ever be a Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix at all, 2025 even??

Last year's News about F1 group CEO Stefano Domenicalli meeting officials from Hanoi and Vietnam to discuss the possibility of hosting an F1 race in Hanoi in 2024 obviously was not as fruitful as first expected.

Will Hanoi finally get what it deserves and a shot at hosting one of the biggest events in sporting history?

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A lot of the race track infrastructure has however been dismantled and the prospect of a Hanoi F1 race ever being held in Vietnam is fading away, quickly. But never say never, will 2025 be the year for Hanoi & Vietnam. Fingers crossed guys.

If the street race around Hanoi does happen, it will be on a 5.565 km track and nestled in amongst the streets of Hanoi just 12 km west of the city centre.

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Keep checking back to find out if there will be the first ever Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2025 or beyond and taste a piece of history.

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