Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2024

Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 was famous for all the wrong reasons, but will there ever be a Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2024??

News is coming through that F1 group CEO Stefano Domenicalli has met officials from Hanoi and Vietnam to discuss the possibility of hosting an F1 race in Hanoi in 2024.

South Africa and Hanoi are said to be favourites to be added to the 2024 F1 calendar!

"results of their negotiations with the Vietnamese, but it's worth noting that last December the permanent part of the circuit that was going to host the first Vietnamese Grand Prix - the other half being run in Hanoi's streets - finally hosted an event - in this case was an open run organized by Honda Vietnam, and there are plans afoot to start running addition competitions there, so the country's appetite for motor racing seems to be warming up for the second time in five years."

Will Hanoi finally get what it deserves and a shot at hosting one of the biggest events in sporting history?

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A lot o the race track infrastructure has however been dismantled, but the prospect of a Hanoi F1 race in 2024 has everyone biting their lips with anticipation here in Hanoi, Vietnam.

If the street race around Hanoi does happen, it will be on a 5.565 km track and nestled in amongst the streets of Hanoi just 12 km west of the city centre.

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Keep checking back to find out if you too can secure your places at the first ever Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2024 and taste a piece of history.

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