Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2022

Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 scheduled to be held on 3rd - 5th April 2020 did not materialise due to the disastrous covid-19 pandemic of 2020. The Hanoi Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2021 was then dropped from the Formula 1 calendar of 2021 due to political or corruption problems.  Therefore, Vietnam has not been very lucky in holding their first ever Formula 1 race in Hanoi & showing to the world that this amazing event can and will be delivered to the Vietnamese population & to show the whole world Vietnam can hold such an event on their land.

Hanoi F1 package 2022 is not available and so we are looking to the future with Hanoi F1 2023 or even 2024?

Witness  the spectacular experience in Formula 1 that cannot be imagined anywhere in the world.

A street race in & around Hanoi on a 5.565 km track, neatly placed in amongst the streets of Hanoi around 12 km west of the city centre.

Here at Travel Agent Hanoi, we have all types of F1 tickets available over 1, 2 or 3 days from a General Admission ticket up to the luxury hospitality experience. This gives you great opportunities to enjoy at least one small piece of history for Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2022.

Travel Agent Hanoi have teamed up with F1 Vietnam to offer exclusive Hanoi F1 packages to this Hanoi Formula 1 event. With possible extra added bonuses enjoying the cultural atmosphere of a scenic flight over Halong Bay, a trekking tour of Sapa or even cycling in amongst mountains and valleys of Mai Chau. Also check out our culinary event that is the best street food in the world.

Join us today and secure your places at the eventual first ever Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2022 and taste a piece of history.


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