Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020

The time has come to deliver an awesome spectacular experience in Formula 1 that cannot be topped anywhere in the world.A street race around Hanoi for the uninitiated sounds like a daunting task. But next year 3rd - 5th April 2020*, the first Vietnam Formula 1 Grand Prix race will be held in Hanoi, Vietnam. 

F1 Hanoi race will take place on a 5.565 km track and be nestled in amongst the streets of Hanoi just 12 km west of the city centre.

We have many types of tickets available over 1, 2 or 3 days from a General Admission ticket up to the luxury hospitality experience. This gives you great opportunities to enjoy at least one small piece of history for the first ever Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020.

Travel Agent Hanoi have teamed up with F1 Vietnam to offer exclusive Hanoi F1 packages to this monumental Hanoi Formula 1 event. With possible extra added bonuses enjoying the cultural atmosphere of a scenic flight over Halong Bay. Also to check out a culinary event that is the best street food in the world.

Join us today and secure your places at the first ever Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 and taste a piece of history.

* FIA approved - 4th October 2019

Hanoi F1 Packages

Choose from any of the following below or for more options check out our Travel Agent Hanoi Online Shop. We are an official reseller of Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 tickets and can offer you unique bespoke Hanoi F1 packages including Grand Prix Hanoi tickets for you and your friends or family.


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Tickets available in your Hanoi F1 package

Here at Travel Agent Hanoi, an official reseller of Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 tickets, we have a wide selection of F1 Hanoi ticket types available for you to include in your Hanoi F1 package to Vietnam.

Starting with the General Admission, Unreserved Grandstand, Standard Grandstand & Premium Grandstand tickets as shown below, over 1, 2 or 3 days, choose which you would prefer and select on our contact form below to book your Vietnam Grand Prix holiday package today.


There are 3 main categories of ticket.

1. Hospitality Ticket: the most exclusive and luxury ticket type. Hospitality ticket brings business networking opportunity, the chance to reward your most important partners and employees or simply to enjoy a comfortable weekend at the Vietnam Grand Prix with friends and family.

3 tiers - Diamond Suite, Platinum Champions Club and Gold Lounge, bring exclusives like Skydeck, in-suite entertainment, Pit Lane Walk, Starting Grid photo with Trophy, etc.

Delicious range of cuisine, superb drinks, and brilliant views with plenty of trackside action in luxurious and comfortable hospitality areas promise to bring you and your partners unsurpassed experiences at the Vietnam Grand Prix weekend!

2. Grandstand Ticket: provides spectators with the most authentic and diverse vantage points of the very first Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix. With prime locations, Grandstand Ticket gives viewers the opportunity to directly observe every single turn and every stunning performance of the world's biggest names. Having separate seats with extremely favorable views, Grandstand Ticket will deliver 3 different types, including: Premium Grandstand, Standard Grandstand, and Unreserved Grandstand.

Moreover, this is the type of ticket that true fans of F1 sport cannot miss!

3. General Admission (GA) Ticket: despite not having seats, GA ticket is the optimal fit for anyone wishing to experience the most prestigious race on the planet at a reasonable price. Furthermore, customers can participate in a full range of exciting and indulgent trackside events such as visiting technology exhibition, attending culinary festivals or experiencing fan-zone entertainment.

With two ticket types: General Admission and Premium General Admission (coming soon) letting customers have more options to witness the world's most magnificent race.


A Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix General Admission (GA) Ticket gives you the access to all the General Admission zones within the circuit.

Selecting one of these tickets allows you to move freely around the circuit, in order to choose your own perfect advantage point to watch all the Formula 1 action on track. The GA ticket doesn’t offer you a seat but gives you access to the entertainment zones within the circuit which include F1 Fan-Zone, international music acts, car displays, cultural festival and food & beverage areas. This ticket is a great way to experience the thrill & excitement the Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix with friends & family.

Starting Grid Grandstand
The reserved seating Starting Grid Grandstand has a great location at the Hanoi Street Circuit. Situated on the main straight, overlooking the start/finish line and pit lane.

With a seat in this grandstand you will be able to witness the moment the race gets underway and the cars roar off the grid, jostling for pole position.

Turn 1
The reserved seating Turn 1 Grandstand is in a perfect location at the F1 in Hanoi Street Circuit, situated at the end of the main starting grid straight, it overlooks the first and second corners of the Vietnam Grand Prix.

From here, due to the set up of the track, you’ll be able to witness the battle for pole position as the entrance into the tight turn 1 allows plenty of racing lines. 

Turns 2-3-4
The reserved seating Turn 2-3-4 Grandstand has a truly unique location overlooking Turns 2 to 4.

With a seat at this vantage point, you will have a great view of some of the most exciting and nerve wracking parts of the race. The cars sweep through these corners and floor it down the 800m straight. Add this awesome ticket to your Hanoi F1 package now!

Turns 7-8
The reserved seating Turn 7-8 Grandstand is located on one of the tightest and most thrilling sections of the Hanoi Street circuit, overlooking turns 7 & 8.

With a seat here you will have a truly amazing view as the cars break aggressively, sweep around the long corner and then floor it down the impressive 1-5 km straight. 

Turn 10.5
The un-reserved seating Turn 10.5 Grandstand is situated at the slight Turn 10, which itself is located in the middle of the long 1.5km straight on-street section.

Widely regarded as one of the fastest sections of the circuit, here you’ll be able to witness the cars going flat out, racing down to turn 11.

Turn 11-12
The reserved seating Turn 12 Grandstand is situated on the on-street section of the Vietnam Circuit, overlooking the tight turn 11 and the fast turn 12.

This is certainly one of the most exciting and challenging parts of the track, with two totally different corners combining to create some fantastic Formula 1 action. 

Check the Hanoi Formula 1 map below to choose the type of tickets available to include with your Hanoi F1 package with Travel Agent Hanoi!

For your very own unique bespoke Vietnam Formula 1 package of any number of days please contact us on the form below!

Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 Enquiries

Please select from the following ticket types
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I. General Information

1. What are the benefits of General Admission? Will I be able to see the race track clearly with my GA ticket?

Benefits of GA ticket: customer can access all areas around the circuit, such as: entertainment activities, exhibitions etc

GA ticket does not include seats, therefore, to see the race track clearly customer should check-in early to get a good position for the best view. In addition, the whole landscape of the track will also be communicated to the audience through large LED screens arranged in many areas of the track.

2. What are the specific benefits of Grandstand? Why are there three different prices for this type of ticket?

Benefits of Grandstand tickets: a position with seats in the stands, customers will have the opportunity to directly watch riders competing in special positions on the track longer than 5.5km. Grandstand tickets have three different price levels: curve position of the track, vision, seat facilities, ability to choose and hold seats ahead of the race and access to areas nearby such as festivals etc.

3. What are the benefits of Hospitality?

Hospitality tickets are the most advanced ticket type of the event with 3 ticket classes located in different positions, owning a separate area, high-class facilities, perfect location. Customers can experience the race with comfortable entertainment services and culinary elite prepared by famous chefs, create opportunities for customers to promote their brands & entertain their partners.

4. Is there any policy for children?

According to the current F1 Vietnam Grand Prix policy, children under 2 years old won't be allowed to check-in at the event gate.

In addition, children with a height under 1m will be given free entrance tickets in cases of accompanying their relatives who buy at least two Unreserved Grand Stand tickets.

5. Do you have travel packages?

Travel Agent Hanoi offer all types of packages for the Hanoi Formula 1 Grand Prix 2020. Starting from just 2 days including hotels and transfers to the race.

6. Is there a limit to the number of tickets purchased per person?

Currently, the promoter does not limit the number of tickets purchased by one person. However, based on the actual situation, the promoter will have regulations on the number of tickets sold according to the actual situation at each time.

7. In case of losing hard ticket / e-ticket, can you support me?

All customers will be fully responsible for their hard tickets / e-tickets. However, depending on each specific case, we may be able to ask the organiser to look in to it with no guarantees.

8. Does the ticket price include Food & Beverage service and all the activities on/ off the track?

Only hospitality ticket has included the F&B service. GA & GS ticket owners have to pay for all the F&B order.

All the ticket types will be allowed to attend all the event activities off track, such as: entertainment activities at fan zone areas, exhibition area, F&B area.



1. When will the race officially take place?

According to F1 an official announcement was confirmed by FIA (FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DE L’AUTOMOBILE), the race date in Vietnam will be 3rd - 5th April 2020 - the third Grand Prix after Australia GP and Bahrain GP.

2. Where will the race officially take place?

The Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 event will be held in an area totalling 88.09 hectares, located in 4 wards of Nam Tu Liem district: Phu Do, Me Tri, My Dinh 1 & My Dinh 2.The area is expected to entertain major events at My Dinh National Sports Complex - Le Duc Tho, My Dinh, Tu Liem, Hanoi.

3. Is there parking at the circuit?

The parking areas are available in some areas on site at the circuit of the Formula 1 Grand Prix event. The parking map will be updated 1 month before the event. However, parking areas are limited. Therefore, we encourage customers to commute by public transportation like bus, taxi, or transport booking application to avoid the situation of parking areas filling up.

4. Is there an insurance for the spectators during the race?

According to the plan, the promoter of F1 Vietnam Grand Prix will buy an insurance according to the requirements and standards designed by the International Automobile Federation (FIA). Specific insurance information for customers attending the event will be announced in the near future on the F1 Vietnam Grand Prix official website.

5. Currently, how far is the process of building the track?

"F1 Hanoi track is a track that will be integrated based on 50% of the existing street track and 50% of the new road will be built inside the My Dinh sports complex - the area is currently fenced.
According to the schedule, the Pit building and the race track will be completed at the end of December 2019. By March 2019, all the facilities for F1 will be ready for the event."

6. Is there any way of transportation / transfer support of the customers to the track?

"Currently the promoter is planning and in the future there will be some shuttle bus from fixed locations to transfer guests to the F1 event venue. And the first transfer bus is confirmed to depart from Vincom Skylake Shopping Center Pham Hung to the event area.
All information about transferring customers to the track will be updated from now until 1-2 weeks prior to the event.

7. Is the grandstand covered ?

Currently all the grandstand areas at Formula 1 Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 will not be covered

8. What is check-in time at the event gate?

It's expected that the event gate will be opening around 9am or 10am. The detailed opening times of each area will be announced 1 - 2 months before the event.

9. If you already possess a ticket, will you be allowed to enter and exit the event freely? How will it be controlled?

"Once a customer owns an event ticket, they can enter & exit the event gate freely with the following conditions:

- Customer must always retain tickets when entering or exiting the main gate of the Formula 1 event to aid the gate control.
- If customers need to return after leaving the event, please notify the ticket inspector, the ticket inspector will wear a paper bracelet or stamp on the customer's hand.
- When the customers return to the event, make sure to wear a paper bracelet or a wooden stamp on the hand."

10. What is the currency of the event?

The event will be held in Vietnam in April 2020. Therefore, the currency used and circulated at the event will be the official currency of Vietnam and regulated according to Vietnamese law: Vietnam Dong (VND).

11. Do I need a Visa to go to Vietnam?

Citizens from certain foreign countries can directly apply for e-visas at the following official website

Check here for a list of countries who are eligible for e-visa,

12. Where are the big screens located?

"According to the current information, giant screen will be located in 2 areas:
1. At the pit building - opposite to the Starting Grid Grandstand
2. The opposite side to Turn 2-3-4 Grandstand

In addition, many big screens will be located at many areas within the circuit. Please check back at our Facebook page for updates & the latest information.

13. Is there any update about the drivers/ team line-ups for the upcoming season?

Season 2019 is still ongoing and F1 hasn't announced the team/ driver information for 2020 yet. Annually in February, F1 will announce the official driver & team line-ups for the upcoming season.

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