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18th March 2020

Hanoi F1 News - 18th March 2020

Travel Agent Hanoi have been notified of news by the Vietnam Grand Prix LLC (VGPC) – the Promoter of Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020.

We would like to also make sure our guests are kept up to date with Hanoi F1 news. Moreover this news we receive comes from the Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 organisers.

Here are the following points for guests of Travel Agent Hanoi and their F1 tickets they have been allocated;

"For all tickets that have been purchased through Travel Agent Hanoi : Your orders remain FULLY VALID and will be automatically updated to the new 2020 race schedule when announced – we hope to have a new date within 1 to 2 months for a race date later in the year.

 In case you do not wish to receive new tickets: it is important to us that all our customers are satisfied and feel supported during this difficult time. Once our New Date is announced but you do not wish or are unable to continue with your Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 purchase, we will be processing requests for refunds."

Let's hope for new dates for Hanoi F1, we will keep you update.

14th March 2020

Hanoi F1 News - March 2020

Formula 1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 are sorry to announce the postponement of the intended Formula 1 race held in Hanoi on 3rd - 5th April 2020.

A statement is shown below;

9th March 2020

Hanoi F1 News - March 2020

A quick update to the current status of the Hanoi F1 Grand Prix.

As of today the inaugural F1 Hanoi is still going ahead. But in light of the news of Bahrain F1 being held behind closed doors on 11th March. Importantly, the F1 chairman will come to Hanoi to assess the situation for the last time. Here he will then finally see if it should be postponed, or take place behind closed doors.

We will certainly keep you updated as soon as we know!

13th February 2020

Hanoi F1 News - February 2020

With the news of the Ncov-19 virus emanating from China, we have had many enquiries as to whether the Vietnam GP in Hanoi will still go ahead.

We have every confidence in the organisers VinFast and have been sent Q & A's regarding this matter as follows below.

We must point out that statistics* prove the number of confirmed cases in Vietnam is still nominally low. It also shows no deaths (as of 13th Feb) and most are either in quarantine or released after treatment ** was successful.

Confirmed cases are also on a par with some other countries including Australia, Germany and the USA. It is not in anyway deemed more dangerous because of the border to China as Chinese visas have been suspended. **

Warmly greeting from F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020! ***

To answer your question, VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 would like to send you the Q&A about the Covid-19 situation as below:

Q: Is the event going ahead/ will it be cancelled?

A: The event is going ahead and is NOT cancelled. We will continue to work with the relevant authorities to closely monitor the situation. But have every confidence the event will be unaffected.


Q: Will I be safe if I go to the event, even in April?

A: Yes. All necessary measures will be taken to ensure the health and safety of our fans. We will work with all relevant authorities for support in this regard.


Q: If this event is cancelled later/ after I buy my ticket, do I get a refund?

A: In the very unlikely situation of a cancellation. We would certainly want to ensure that all our customers were satisfied. We would consider any refund policy on that basis.


Q: When will Vietnam reinstate Visas for Chinese citizens?

A: We are working closely with the relevant authorities to monitor the status of Visa entry for Chinese citizens. We will make any relevant information available as soon as we have it.

Thanks and best regards,

F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix CS Team


Travel Agent Hanoi


* Real Time monitoring by Kompa Group!

** News Source Vietnam Express International

*** F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix CS Team

Two new Grandstand positions tickets have been launched

On 28th December 2019, F1 VinFast Vietnam Grand Prix 2020 officially launched the two new Grandstand positions. They were Turn 11 (Standard Grandstand) & Turn 13 (Unreserved Grandstand).

In addition to this we now have these tickets available for sale. Also including hotels, tours and transfers as part of the Hanoi F1 package deals offered by Travel Agent Hanoi.

Contact us now for more information and definitely don't delay - hotels are running out fast.

11th January 2020

Hanoi F1 News - January 2020

Construction Process Updated

As a result of careful work, the Pit Building handover has taken place on 6th January 2020 between the contractor and the VGPC representatives.

F1 news in Hanoi
F1 news in Hanoi
F1 news in Hanoi

Hanoi F1 News - November 2019

Hello everyone and welcome to Formula 1 Hanoi news update for November. We have received new information about a few items. Those which have been settled by the organisers of the first ever Hanoi Formula 1 Grand Prix race. Travel Agent Hanoi would like to share them with you today.

3rd April 2020 - Practice Sessions Hanoi F1 

Times have been tentatively set for the 3rd April 2020 on practice day. With a full days line up of practice sessions starting from 8am in the morning. A track inspection and safety car test finally finishing off with a pit lane walk and truck tour.

See below for details of the practice session itinerary on 3rd April 2020.

4th April 2020 - Qualifying Sessions Hanoi F1 

Today the timings have been tentatively set for all drivers to compete in the first ever qualifying sessions of the Hanoi F1 Grand Prix. Starting at 8am and finishing around 5pm, you are ensured a jam packed day of entertainment. Check the details out below in the 2nd day of the Grand Prix in Vietnam.

5th April 2020 - Race Day Hanoi F1 

The day has arrived and the first ever Formula 1 Grand Prix race will kick off today. With a drivers parade at around 12.30pm with races before and after to entertain the F1 fans. With a race start time of 4.30pm, I hope you are settled in your seats with popcorn and tickets in hand (if not contact us now). This will be the best ever street race in Formula 1 history. Check out the timings below;

Event Zones

The Hanoi Formula 1 organisers have also notified us of the entertainment zones within the complex of the Formula 1 arena.

Check out the many different food stalls, displays, carnivals & Fanzones available. It is all here for your entertainment whilst waiting between races at the Hanoi F1 race of the year.

Here is the map of the zones and one to keep a hold of when you arrive in Hanoi F1.