Nhat Tu Son Island

The island of Nhat Tu Son off the coast of Phu Yen province is one of those dreamy little islands you would love to retire to. Only 2km in length and can be walked around in just 1 hour.

The island is situated equidistant between Quy Nhon to the north and Tuy Hoa to the south. If you are heading between these cities you should definitely take a diversion and take a visit here.

The area you need to be is at Xuan Dai Bay, where a couple of fishing villages, My Hai and My Thanh are located. From here you can see the island and that it does in fact protect the fishing villages from any big waves.

Cut off from the mainland by a short stretch of water, tourists can rent a boat or bamboo coracle to reach its shores during high tides.

But, once a day, during low tides, a 300 metre sandy path links up the mainland with the island. Therefore allowing visitors to walk along it to reach the island to explore.

This happens in the afternoon at between 1pm - 4pm during the first half of the lunar month 1st - 15th. And at 5am - 9am the rest of the month.

Best time to visit the island is between March & August.

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