Best time to visit Vietnam

Choosing the best time to visit Vietnam can be quite a difficult task because of its sheer length of over 1000 km and diverse regional climate zones.

Vietnam is an all year round destination but the weather is very different from north to south, so be prepared whichever time you do come.

Here is a guide as to which areas it is for the best time to visit Vietnam.


North Vietnam

The best times to visit Hanoi and the northern regions would be between March and May & September to November. The temperatures are still moderate as you will miss the full blown summer of June - August with temperatures up to 36 degrees..

Is Sapa on your bucket list? April/May or August/September are great times to see the luscious green & yellow rice terraces, although August can be damp and slippy on the local treks so its advisable to bring good walking shoes and a walking stick along with a mac.

During the summer months (June - August) can bring the high and humid temperatures but also the rains. It's also the peak holiday season for the locals, with the school holidays in full swing, you would be advised to book domestic transportation in advance to avoid disappointment.

Between November - January can bring the cold weather to Hanoi and the northern regions, so definitely bring a jacket and jumpers and maybe spend your times in the museums, souvenir shops or sitting in the corner of a cozy cafe sipping hot chocolate or coffee.

Late January or early February is TET (Lunar New Year) for Vietnam and most Vietnamese will travel home to their villages with transportation links taking a hit so again, plan in advance to book trains, buses or flights.

Average temperature in Hanoi:

Low °C151518212425262625221915
High °C191923263132323231282421
Rainfall (mm)163037871962403123382521164020


Central Vietnam

The central region covers Hue, Hoi An & Danang and can experience hot sunshine and heavy downpours depending on when you come.

Hue has a wet season between September and December, with the heaviest of rainfall in October & November. January to August is dry season and can expect high temperatures although the occasional rainfall can be seen in the afternoons.

Danang & Hoi An are the beach destinations and you certainly don't want to be hitting these areas during the heavy rains. This tends to be from August through to November with the odd typhoon thrown in to boot in this season. But the dry season lasts from February through to July with temperatures peaking at around 38 degrees towards the end, definitely bring your sun cream and hat for this time of the year.

Vietnam is an all year round destination but the weather is very different from the north to the south, so be prepared whichever time you do come.

South Vietnam

The south of Vietnam actually covers quite a vast area so there will be varying temperatures and climates between Nha Trang and Phu Quoc.

The first 8 months of the year in Nha Trang will be dry and hot with the wet season starting in September and best to avoid. Feb/March is the best time with temperatures not so high at around 26ºC - 27ºC. Mui Ne is in its wet season during the months of April - October but dry during November to March.

Dalat is a great place to escape the heat and head in to the mountains for cool, fresh air. The dry season is between November and March and the wet season April - October.

Down to the climate in Ho Chi Minh City and you will be hot and wet or hot and dry with two distinct weather climates. December to March is probably the best time to visit when it is dry but even during the wet months, it can only be a short shower and be glorious after. Wet season is between May - September.

Phu Quoc is beach time again and you must be sure of when to travel here as its the whole point to sit on the beach in lovely sunshine, not downpours! Most of the rainfall will fall during July to September so try to avoid booking your flights here for that period. November to March would be a great time to plan on being on Phu Quoc but ensure you book with us in plenty of time as resorts get fully booked quickly.

Approximate HCMC climate below

Low °C222324262625242525242322
High °C323334343432323231313131
Rainfall (mm)1010104014018019017019016012040