4 Day Ha Giang Loop Tours

This is the ultimate ride you will ever take in Vietnam or dare we say it, anywhere in South East Asia. On your travels you may see some beautiful scenery but none which will compare to these on our 4 Day Day Ha Giang Loop Tour. With more time available for your trip to see 4 days, you will also get the expert help to see the most beautiful off the beaten path places in Vietnam.

Join an Easy Rider and be taken care of by the professional, experienced & skilled motorbike riders as you sit back and enjoy the spectacular views all around. Film with your GoPro the amazing sights and scenes. You could ride your own bike but the Police are being extra vigilant these days and fining riders without International licences anywhere from 5m VND per person...get stopped twice in on day!!! And you are in for a serious shortening of your trip.

If you are not comfortable, or have an International Drivers License, riding your own motorbike around the Ha Giang Loop, then our Easy Riders will make it far more enjoyable and relaxing.

For those travellers to Vietnam and to Ha Giang, who do not wish to ride their own bike, or even on the back of any motorbike. We do have the option to do it by another cool way, see the Ha Giang Loop by Military Jeep.

Riding around in one of these Ha Giang Jeeps is a hidden amazing highlight which many do not experience when they travel to more popular locations in Vietnam...but you certainly can if you contact us today!


Ha Giang Loop 4 Days

Take our Ultimate 4 day Ha Giang Loop Tour and see all the best & most stunning scenery in all of Vietnam. As with the 2 & 3 day tour you will visit places like Nho Que river, Heaven Gate, Hmong King Palace etc but on the 4 day Ha Giang Loop Tour you will be blown away by the extras....come and check for yourself, book below now!

✅ Two Way Transfers from/to Hanoi  ✅ English Speaking Guides  ✅ Professional & Experienced Easy Riders  ✅ 3 Breakfast, 3 Lunch & 2 Dinner ✅ All accommodation ✅ All fuel and entrance fees ✅ Available by motorbike