10 Best Day Trips from Saigon

Enjoying a day in Saigon is always exciting and interesting with so much to see and do. Yet, taking a day trip from Saigon is also a very popular thing for tourists to do in Vietnam. But what day tour from Saigon should you take?

Here we have compiled a list of the 10 best day tours from Saigon to take a look through.

There are many different day trips from Saigon you can take with a varied amount of different interests available. You can go trekking in Cat Tien National Park, or play hide and seek in the Cu Chi Tunnels. Take rowing boat and speedboat day trips to the Mekong Delta or go cycling through the villages of Can Tho.

The opportunities are endless and so this list below of what day tours from Saigon you can take on your next visit to Vietnam will be a help.

Take a look through the 10 best day trips from Saigon and see which you would like and contact us to book.

1. Cu Chi Tunnels

A visit to the Cu Chi Tunnels is probably the most spoken about of the day trips from Saigon. The Vietnam (aka American War here in Vietnam) War has brought with it many historical sites to visit for the history and war buffs. Cu Chi Tunnels is top of the list and for this reason is very popular. The best way to get to the Cu Chi Tunnels is by speedboat. This allows you to beat the crowds to enjoy the tunnels before the hordes of buses arrive. So when you are thinking what day tour from Saigon to take, this is up there amongst the best!


2. Mekong Delta

Second on our list of the 10 best day trips from Saigon & one of the most popular day trips from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). An offering of an interesting insight in to daily life in the Mekong region. The landscape in the Mekong will captivate you with rivers, forests, rice fields and local Vietnamese villagers. A tour from Saigon to the Mekong Delta offers a boat ride on the maze like network of rivers and streams. A cycle ride through rural villages & also taking in a performance from local folk singers. Also an interesting visit to local traditional businesses such as honey farms and sweet factories. See our Unseen Mekong Day tour from Saigon.


3. Black Virgin Mountain

For those wishing to escape the hectic lifestyle of Ho Chi Minh city and enjoy walking in fresh air, this is the day trip from Saigon for you. Nui Ba Den also known to the Vietnamese as “Black Lady Mountain” is a 996 metre high extinct volcanic mountain situated in the Tay Ninh province. A much cooler climate once up the mountain and a walk will get the heart racing. But, if you prefer to take an easier option there is also a cable car to reach the summit to then take great photos of the area.


4. Cai Be Floating Market

These working floating markets are a superb way to see how busy a traders life is on the Mekong river. Many boats offer their products with a unique style of “menu” which will be apparent when you visit. These are not the tourist traps you see in Bangkok and therefore a much more rewarding cultural experience. A day trip to the Cai Be floating market depart early every day and is a full day out of the city.


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5. Cao Dai Temple

One of the best places to visit from Ho Chi Minh City is the Cao Dai Temple. Especially for the temple enthusiasts who are visiting south Vietnam, as this religion is exclusive to this area. Caodaism is taken from the worlds religions and was only founded in 1926. But, a visit here will give you opportunity to see a wonderfully designed temple with vast. Amounts of colours. You can also witness a prayer taking place from one of the balconies above bringing a great opportunity to take a stunning colorful photo of the priests and gatherers.


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6. Vung Tau

Vung Tau, once a French colonial town, is now a popular beach destination south of Ho Chi Minh City for many city dwellers looking for a weekend break from Saigon. Spending time on the beach with family is a rewarding break and with watersports available too, the kids can be entertained. A day trip to Vung Tau can be made via hydrofoil or by road, with taking around 90 minutes. Once in Vung Tau, you are able to visit the Jesus Christ Mountain with great views over the coastline. The White Palace is also the best war history museum in Vietnam with artifacts from many different periods on display.


7. Tan Lap Floating Village

A nature reserve protected for conservation reasons, because of this, the floating village is now not occupied. But with nature all around its a great respite from Ho Chi Minh City, allowing walks through the melaleuca trees and a viewpoint to give an interesting view over the village and forest.


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8. Ho Coc & Ho Tram Beach

If golden sandy beaches are on your mind for a day trip from Saigon, the beaches at Ho Coc and Ho Tram will be just the ticket. Just a short distance from Vung Tau you will need to take a taxi to the beaches. With private resorts owning parts of the beach, there is still public access and although the sea can be quite choppy for swimming, sunbathing is perfect. We can offer a day trip there and back by private car, ask for details.


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9. Cat Tien National Park

The largest national park in Vietnam offers a fantastic opportunity to reach the tropical forests, wetlands and wild animals (elephants, gibbons and leopards) of Vietnam. Although spotting these animals is rare the walking trails and river boat rides will bring lots of satisfaction from a visit here. We offer private tours to Cat Tien National Park, ask for details.


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10. Can Gio Biosphere Reserve

Finally on our list of 10 best day trips from Saigon. A day trip to Can Gio Forest is a the most unique excursion from Saigon you will find. A dense forest with many flora and wetlands to explore by boat along with the local inhabitants such as crocodiles, monkeys and bats. This is the best nature tour from Saigon and deserves to be added to your Vietnam itinerary whilst. In Ho Chi Minh City.


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