White Water Rafting in Vietnam

We have added White Water rafting to the list of top 10 activities in Vietnam. Not because it's popular, or that you can find it anywhere in Vietnam.

It's because it is such an exhilarating ride, it must be added for the adventurous sports travellers of you out there.

Check out the location of the white water rafting in Vietnam below and combine with other trips to make an adventure holiday to Vietnam.





Dalat is at the epicentre of adventure travel for Vietnam. Included along with trekking, kayaking, cycling and canyoning, White Water Rafting is the top adrenalin rush in Vietnam.

A trip to Dalat will bring cooler climates and adventure in the mountains, rivers and lakes.

The best place to enjoy White Water Rafting is of course in Dalat on the Da Don river near Ta Nung.

To get to the rapids takes around an hour by car but this activity must be done with a tour and we can supply said tour. Operating with professional safety guides and essential safety equipment. White Water Rafting is as safe in Vietnam as it is in Europe or the Americas.

As you paddle furiously along the rapids, you will sail float past coffee plantations & gorgeous Dalat countryside.

Hitting the class 3 rapids at and several class 2 rapids along the 10km stretch of Da Don River will give you an amazing adrenalin rush.

Contact us to go White Water Rafting in Dalat and enjoy the day of a lifetime!