Surfing in Vietnam

Kite surfing & Windsurfing have now become more and more popular pastimes on the windy coasts of Vietnam.  Experts in their home countries are now adding these high octane sports as part of their Vietnam holiday. Enjoying the sea and surf Vietnamese style!

There are now quite a few bays, capes and inlets offering the perfect setting for kitesurfing. Here we show what we feel are the best locations for kitesurfing in Vietnam


While not as windy as some other locations in Vietnam, having its own international airport makes it an ideally accessible location. 

During the low season for Vietnam, April - October, but the windy season for surfers. You can get wind speeds up to 18 knots & well worth a visit on your journey through Vietnam if you are a keen surfer.

The long stretches of beach in Danang mean you could pick a spot and be pretty much alone for surfing! Unlike some popular locations and budy waves!


Nha Trang

Nha Trang has been developed over the last few years and the sleepy town has become a hotbed for Russian tourists. Still, this has meant an influx of adrenalin junkies looking to do some surfing while travelling through Vietnam on their holidays.

A long stretch of beach gives surfers the chance to hit the waves in the centre. But most surfers will head south around 23 km to Bai Dai Beach where wind speeds can be around 13 knots. Not so much for the advanced surfers out there but perfect for beginners!

Plenty of surfing clubs are located here too offering board rentals and lessons.

Cam Ranh

A little further down the coast, away from the busy centre of Nha Trang, there are a couple of great spots for kitesurfing.

The two spots are in stark contrast to one another in that one is outside a military base and man made. The other is by the beach & lined with beautiful palm trees.

The first one is for more advanced surfers due to the wooden posts and fishing lines protruding the lagoon. You will need to be aware of these and to steer away from them, so beginner kite surfers should probably give this a miss.

The second location for kitesurfing is set in a stunning location with crystal clear blue waters with pretty large waves. The pick of the two!

Phan Rang

About an hours drive along the coast from Cam Ranh is Phan Rang. One of the newest locations for kitesurfing in Vietnam.

Mainly flat water and a lot different. from the choppy Mui Ne kitesurfing location. This is becoming one of the most popular spots to kitesurf in Vietnam.

My Hoa Lagoon and Ninh Chu Bay are the two locations for the best kitesurfing with wind speeds up to 20+ knots!

Phan Rang is also an excellent spot for many other activities on your trip through Vietnam. With trekking the national parks for starters along with swimming in the stunning bay and cycling routes abound.


Mui Ne

This is the best place to kite surf in Vietnam and has become the wind chasers hotspot in Asia. Thousands of kitesurfers visit Mui Ne every year for its ideal kitesurfing conditions.

The best conditions are in the dry season between November & April and can get speeds of up to 25 knots on some days.

The mornings are the best time to surf if you are a beginner while in the afternoon the wind speed hits its highest and more suited to the professionals or decent standard kitesurfer.

Over a dozen reputable kitesurfing companies have set up in Mui Ne and you will be spoilt for choice for kitesurfing equipment to rent.

The main beach at Mui Ne is usually pretty crowded. So if you prefer a slightly less hectic beach, try Malibu Beach to the north or Little Buddha to the south.

Ke Ga

Ke Ga is situated a little further down the coast and on the next cape from Mui Ne. This is a lovely setting with a lighthouse prominent on the bay and would be a nice place to visit even if not kitesurfing.

This is certainly for the more advanced kitesurfers amongst you. With the lighthouse and rocks on one side and the strong tides on the other, a beginner should steer clear of this location.

Once you have managed to navigate the low tide though and are out on the bay, this is a lovely spot for a bit of kitesurfing. 


Further along the coast you will find lesser known La Gi, Ho Tram & Vung Tau. At these kitesurfing places you will enjoy lighter winds and less companies offering rental services. Take your gear from Ke Ga or Mui Ne if you are heading back north, otherwise if coming from Ho Chi Minh City, it would be best to rent from there.