Kayaking in Vietnam

Kayaking could be considered the most popular and number one activity in Vietnam today. Vietnam has come a long way to give even the youngest or oldest the chance to glide past some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

There are options for single or double kayaks, enabling the whole family to enjoy and explore Vietnam by kayak.

Here we have come up with a list of where you can find the best kayaking in Vietnam.


Halong Bay

This is the number one destination for kayaking in Vietnam. Included in every day cruise from Hanoi & overnight cruise over two or three days. A kayaking experience is available either free of charge or as extra, sometimes with the 5* cruises.

An amazing experience to kayak around your cruise, in and out of caves. Passing by the amazing rising limestone karsts to then pass through them to explore beautiful lagoons.

Kayaking must be number one on your activity in Vietnam bucket list and Halong Bay has it all!

This would also include Bai Tu Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay. These two bays along with Halong Bay make up the Vietnam UNESCO World Heritage Site & all are fantastic for kayaking.


Ba Be Lake

Ba Be Lake is a good half days drive from Hanoi and so requires at least one overnight stay. There are plenty of decent local homestays available to choose from, all with great local food. This then enables you to explore Ba Be Lake freely over a few days.

Ba Be Lake is the biggest freshwater lake in Vietnam at around 500 hectares with clear blue calm waters good enough to swim in too. 

The lake is surrounded by green forests and mountains giving this a rather unique setting for kayaking in Vietnam.

A trip to Ba Be Lake is usually incorporated in to our north east package tour of Vietnam. This also includes the Ha Giang Loop, Ban Gioc Waterfalls and more kayaking near the falls. Contact us for more details.


Phong Nha Ke Bang 

Kayaking in Phong Nha and on the Chay River is a marvellous experience with peaceful calm waters and gigantic limestone karsts rising high around you. 

There are also opportunities to kayak inside caves too and one of the best is in Phong Nha Cave itself. A 4.5 km kayak ride through the underground river system with an amazing sight of stalactites and stalagmites inside this wonderful cave. 

You can opt to take a 2 week Vietnam package tour with us and include a trip to Phong Nha or any other kayaking location you wish. We can also include a stunning lakeside location in Phong Nha with as much kayaking to explore the lake as you want.

Cuc Phuong

For off the beaten path kayaking in Vietnam we would recommend a visit to Yen Quang Lake. It is a freshwater lake located by the side of the beautiful & natural Cuc Phuong National Park about 45 km from Ninh Binh.

Yen Quang Lake is split up into 4 seperate lakes connected together by 4 dams. 7 km in length and 1.2 km in width and an average depth of 8m. With views to one side of Cuc Phuong mountains and forests, this certainly is worth the trip. 

There are no kayak rental facilities here at the lake and must be organised in Ninh Binh. We can also organise a camping trip to Cuc Phuong from Ninh Binh over two days. This will also include kayaking out to Yen Quang Lake as part of your trip.



Dalat is the centre of Vietnam's adventure tour destinations and it is no great surprise that kayaking is possible too.

The best place to enjoy kayaking in Dalat would be to Tuyen Lam lake about 6 km south of Dalat. A delightful location surrounded by dense pine forests of Truc Lam Zen Monastery. It is rather apt that the waters on this lake are indeed calm and peaceful as one could say about the monasteries.

A unique moment on Tuyen Lam Lake would be between October and December when the maple leaf turns to a gorgeous red. 

Most kayaking tours are combined with a trek through the forests and stunning landscapes in Dalat. We can offer such a combined tour of kayaking and trekking in your package. It is also possible as a single day trip from Dalat.




Phu Quoc

If you can tear yourself away from the gorgeous white sandy beaches, Kayaking in Phu Quoc can be an amazing alternative. 

The best place to go kayaking in Phu Quoc would to the Cua Can River which flows through Phu Quocs primeval forest.

Combining an amazing kayaking experience between rivers & mountains and very clear waters. Visualise yourself kayaking in crystal clear waters watching the fish swim below.

On the riverside check the flocks of storks nestling and chirping away in their nests. A kayak experience on Cua Can equals the excellent sandy white beaches in beauty.