Climbing in Vietnam

Rock climbing in Vietnam is still slightly behind other Asian countries in popularity. But, it is becoming one of the most enjoyable simply due to the outstanding locations possible. If a blockbuster movie like Kong wants to film their movie in locations with limestone mountains. You can bet your bottom dollar the scenery is superb!

There are literally thousands of stunning limestone karsts with great rock faces to climb in Vietnam. With the relatively fewer people taking an interest in climbing in Vietnam, choosing to climb here could be done in relative privacy.

Here we will take a look at where we think are the best Vietnam climbing locations.


Halong Bay (Cat Ba Island)

Halong Bay is situated in the Gulf of Tonkin in north Vietnam & part of UNESCO World Heritage sites. It has approximately 1600 limestone karst islands & a sightseeing flight over Halong Bay will give you an idea of how vast & beautiful this area is.

Climbing in Vietnam doesn't get much better than this and for us is number 1 on our list for rock climbing in Vietnam. Many islands are dense with forest life & have some steep cliff faces but are perfect for climbing.

Many of the walls in Halong Bay which rise directly from the water are ideal for Deep Water Solo. To get to these you will first need to obtain a pass & pay a fee along with hiring a local boat. It would be best to do this as part of a tour and we can help with this.

Other fantastic locations on Cat Ba can be found overlooking uninhabited sandy beaches, this brings a rather unique and isolated climbing experience.

The best time to go rock climbing in Halong Bay, would be the winter months when temperatures drop to around 15 - 20 degrees. Not so much rain at this time also, which is ideal weather for climbing in Vietnam. However, if performing Deep Water Solo climbs the winter tides may not be as favourable. Do your research to find out when is best to rock climb in Halong Bay.

Contact us to organise a climbing tour of Halong Bay. Maybe include it with other activities such as cycling in Ninh Binh or trekking in Sapa.


Huu Lung

Huu Lung is approximately 100 km north east of Hanoi and is set in a peaceful valley with hundreds of beautiful limestone karsts.

All climbs are located on private land or in orchards, crops need to be protected. Therefore a private tour from Hanoi is the only way to enjoy climbing here.

With over 60 quality routes, bolted and accessible to both beginners & experienced climbers. This is a great location to enjoy some rock climbing in Vietnam.

Contact us to arrange a private overnight tour including return transfers, entrance fees, climbing gear, homestay and food.


Not so many rock climbing possibilities here but it's a great base to stay on your Vietnam trip. With Ba Na Hills, Golden Bridge, Dragon bridge and Hoi An just 40 minutes away. All make for a fascinating time in Danang.

Add to it a bit of rock climbing up at Marble Mountain you can certainly split your days up. You can take a rented bicycle, motorbike or even a private car to Marble Mountain from your hotel.

There are a couple of routes here at Marble mountain developed by the local tour operator. It costs around 15k VND to enter or use the lift for 70k VND!



Dalat is definitely a more welcome place for rock climbing in Vietnam. Moreover, with it also comes a welcome cool climate from the excessive heat found in other areas you may have climbed already.

Dalat has definitely a more varied amount of climbing routes both for beginners and advanced alike.

Undoubtedly you should opt for a private or group tour for safety reasons. Also, climbing in Dalat with a guide would benefit your climbing experience.

This would give you the best routes and locations for your standard of climbing. You don't want to turn up yourself without a guide, certainly if you are a beginner.

Along with climbing in Dalat, the very best activity is certainly Canyoning. Incorporate a climbing and canyoning day and you will certainly have one of the best days of your trip.

We can certainly organise some rock climbing included in your Vietnam package holiday with Travel Agent Hanoi. Contact us with your plan and we will write a flexible itinerary for you!