Caving in Vietnam

Caving is probably the newest activity to be frequented by travelers on their Vietnam tours and holidays.  New discoveries are turning up all the time due to the vast dense jungle that is situated in Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park.

Explore with the professional guides and enjoy an overnight stay in one of the biggest caves in the world. There are also plenty of caves such as in Halong Bay with platforms to allow easy navigation, suitable for all ages.




Halong Bay

Halong Bay has numerous caves to explore and usually as part of the itinerary on an overnight cruise. The caves tend to be very busy as most cruises arrive at a similar time. Some caves are less crowded than others but tend to be on the more luxury of cruises.

There are around 8 caves situated in Halong Bay which permit visitors. Among the most popular are Sung Sot (Surprise Cave), Thieng Cung (Heaven Cave) & Dark & Bright Cave.

These caves are more geared towards tourists of all ages. Hence, this is not quite the caving experience the more advanced of cavers should be interested in.

All these caves in Halong Bay are platformed off to allow visitors to walk along in safety!

As part of your Vietnam package holiday with us, you can choose which cave you would like to visit in Halong Bay.

Take a look at our complete list of 8 Caves of Halong Bay!


Cao Bang

Cao Bang is situated in the far north east region of Vietnam and home to Hang Nguom Ngao (Tiger Cave). A stunning beauty of a cave located just 3 km from Ban Gioc Waterfalls. Tiger Cave stretches for 3km and a depth of 60m but only 1 km is open to the public.

Tiger cave is named so after a local legend who thought tigers used to live in the cave many years ago. With many chambers and alleys throughout the cave, you can also see formations in the shape of lotus flowers, fields, ships and corals.

There is also an underground stream which runs through the cave and enters Quay Son River. This river also continues on to Ban Gioc Waterfalls.

It should take you about 1 - 1.5 hours to walk the full length of the cave and back. Definitely plenty of opportunities to get some great snaps of the amazing formations.

Combine this trip to Tiger Cave with Ban Gioc Waterfalls and Ba Be Lake as a 3 day adventure. Or, if you have more time, as a longer package trip through the Ha Giang Loop too. Contact us for more information!


Mai Chau

Mai Chau in the Hoa Binh province of north Vietnam, is a delightful location to visit for a few days. With rice fields and mountainous valleys to explore and amazing homestays to stay overnight. Just a few hours journey from Hanoi and definitely worth the visit.

Also with so many limestone karsts in Mai Chau, you would expect to find a couple caves and of course it does not disappoint.

Two notable caves in Mai Chau we would recommend would be Mo Luong & Chieu Cave (1000 steps cave).

Mo Luong Cave is situated around 2km from Lac Village and nicknamed by locals as Bo Luong (Huge Water Mine). The cave is made up of 4 seperate caves and used to be a Vietnam military base during the war against the French.

Chieu Cave, or more aptly named 1000 step cave also has a nickname by locals, Heaven on Earth. In the afternoon rays of sunlight flood the cave and light up the stalactites and stalagmites giving it a heavenly look. Also situated near Lac Village and requires a walk up the 1000 steps to the entrance of the cave.


Best caves in vietnam

Ninh Binh

Ninh Binh is situated around 75 km south from Hanoi and is a wonderful location for stunning landscapes and intricate cave system.

Caves in Tam Coc and Trang An are reached by rowing boat which can be hired for around 200k - 250k VND per person. 

In Tam Coc the ladies (usually women but sometimes men) will set off down river and row you through some stunning scenery. You will float along with ease past rice fields on one side & surprisingly colourful graveyards on the other.

With the most spectacular limestone peaks rising up in to the sky all around. You then come across the caves, of which there are 4 you will row through. Sneaking in and out of the caves from complete darkness, bar a few sodium lights. Out in to the bright sunshine and the next range of peaks ahead.

In Trang An there are more routes to take for your rowing boat ride through the caves and ample opportunity to get some amazing photos.

Ninh Binh is well worth the visit for the scenery alone, add in to the mix a cave boat ride. Ninh Binh is one top location in Vietnam not. to be missed.

Best caves in vietnam
Best caves in vietnam
Best caves in vietnam

Phong Nha Ke Bang National Park

So this is the big one! Phong Nha National Park is where the biggest and third biggest caves in the world can be found. Certainly a magnificent accolade for Vietnam.

Son Doong, the biggest in the world (when measured by cross-section) was discovered in 2009 by local man Ho Khanh. He came across the opening quite by accident while out searching for wood and food for him and his family.

Now, in conjunction with the British Cave Research Association and Vietnam government. Explorers have been discovering the depths of this huge cavern.

Caverns, so big, they can definitely fit 40 storey skyscrapers inside and also has its own rainforest & rivers flowing through.

Son Doong is a unique cave to visit and needs a substantial amount of fitness and experience to cover.

Only trips of 4 days are available operated by professionals at Oxalis Adventure and costs $3000 per person. That is a serious commitment and one to add to top of your Vietnam Bucket List for 2021.

Along with Son Doong, there are various other caves for you to travel, explore and experience.

Hang (Cave) Pygmy is third largest in the world and 2 day trips are available with us including professional safety people and guides.

Also, Tiger cave 3 day trek with caving, camping and also a visit to Hang Pygmy is a unique tour we can offer. This cave tour is quite a challenge, best be fit for jungle trekking on this one.

Why so strenuous!

For the less strenuous of caving tours, we can also suggest Paradise Cave. A leisurely climb up from the entrance (electric cars are available) to the foot of the forest steps.

From here you would head to the entrance of the cave and its 1km walk through (on wooden platforms) seeing some spectacular stalagmites and stalactites.

Plenty of other caves to explore too such as Elephant Cave & Tra Ang along with the immense beauty which lies in and around Phong Nha National Park such as the crystal waters of Ma Da Valley.