The 10 Best Activities in Vietnam

There are countless things to do in Vietnam which could be labelled as activities. A cooking class, volunteering at a school, or cyclo ride through the streets of Hanoi to name just a few.

But, we feel activities should be something a little more active. It should be an exciting activity and still an enjoyable part of your Vietnam holiday.

Here are our recommendations, in no particular order, we feel are the 10 best activities for your Vietnam holiday.

Click the photo to each activity which interests you and see further details as to where the best activities are in Vietnam.


Walking is a wonderful & budget friendly way to see the very best of a city such as Hanoi, Hue or Ho Chi Minh. Walking in and out of winding tight alleyways of ancient towns, passing by fragrant local Vietnamese food stalls. Stopping whenever you wish to take photos of interesting landmarks & getting a good workout at the same time.

Or, for a more amazing scenic experience, trekking is high on peoples Vietnam bucket list for activities to do. Trekking along rice terraces or up mountains overlooking the deepest valleys below. Trekking up and down valleys and through minority villages meeting the friendly locals. 

In fact, it is definitely in our top 3 activities as a family! 

Click the photo to see our 13 Best Walking & Trekking spots in Vietnam!





Cycling is certainly a very popular way of getting around Vietnam, its cities & countrysides are a unique way to explore.

In fact for only a few dollars per day, you can rent a bicycle and explore as much of Vietnam as you wish.

Whether you are interested in city culture and its tight alleyways & narrow streets passing by street food stalls. Or mountain biking across mountain passes with stunning scenic views in some of the most beautiful countryside in the world.

The cycling activity is definitely our number one activity as a family! Without a doubt one destination we love the most is definitely perfect for cycling!

Check it out here in our 7 Best Cycling in Vietnam locations.



Without doubt, motorbiking through Vietnam is the most popular activity for Vietnam backpackers. The freedom it brings riding the full length and breadth of Vietnam gives you plenty of opportunity to see some absolutely beautiful destinations.

You can take short trips in some of the best destinations in Vietnam for just a day or two. Also, if you don't wish to ride a bike yourself, there are professional Easy Riders who will take you in safety.

Check out our recommendations for the 7 best motorbike rides in Vietnam!


Kite Surfing/Wind Surfing

Kite surfing & Wind Surfing has certainly become a very popular pastime in Vietnam and is big business in some coastal locations.

Definitely for the adrenaline junky or certainly for any beginner surfers out there. More and more locations are becoming best suited for that high octane sport on the seas. 

For our list of 9 best places to kite surf & wind surf in Vietnam, click the photo for details.



Diving & Snorkelling

Diving and snorkeling are starting to come more and more popular in Vietnam although still not as popular as its closest neighbours Thailand. Despite the great diving sites in Thailand, Vietnam is definitely coming up in the world of diving and snorkelling!

Snorkelling can certainly be found in quite a few locations throughout Vietnam but some are rather better than others. The same goes for diving, with a high level of expertise & professional dive shops in the best locations as per our list.

Check out where we think are the 7 best places to go snorkelling or diving in Vietnam now! 




Kayaking is an extremely popular activity and probably number one activity included in a tourists itinerary whilst visiting Vietnam.

Some locations you can kayak between rice fields, in amongst the limestone karsts or on a lake. How would you like kayaking in Vietnam through a cave in to a blue lagoon hidden from the world for centuries? Or down a river with dense jungle either side of you.

Vietnam kayaking brings enormous satisfaction, a good workout and an amazing experience! 

Kayaking is definitely my number one activity in Vietnam & in fact I personally go kayaking twice a week.

Check out our list of 6 best places to go kayaking in Vietnam.



White Water Rafting

White water rafting is still in its infancy in Vietnam with very few locations offering a decent ride down the rapids.

There are professional operators who offer this kind of trip. We can organise a full jam packed day out with white water rafting on the rapids for you and your friends. A perfect stag or hen party activity in Vietnam.

If White Water Rafting interests you! Click the photo for more information for the best place to go White Water Rafting. Or, for a less of an adrenaline rush, try out a kayak in Vietnam instead.





The number of limestone cliffs & waterfalls throughout Vietnam means there are plenty of opportunities to go climbing or canyoning.

For that adrenalin rush whilst climbing rock faces or limestone karsts, we would highly recommend the locations in our list.

Moreover, canyoning is another extreme activity which will get your heart pounding from excitement rather than physical exertion. The location we would suggest is definitely the place to be for either sporting activities here.

We can offer organised tours to include any of these activities for your holiday to Vietnam. For example, a combined climbing and canyoning tour, please ask for details.

If climbing or canyoning is your bag, click the photo for more information as to where is best to go climbing in Vietnam.





Caving is certainly the newest activity to be frequented by travelers on their Vietnam tours and holidays. Newly previously undiscovered caves are being found all the time due to it being extremely difficult to spot in the vast dense jungle.

There are 2 and 3 day jungle treks to see some of the largest caves in the world. Possible for the more experienced or fitter Vietnam traveller. Or a more meandering look at some of the coolest & closest caves to Hanoi on foot or by rowing boat.

Therefore if caving is your idea of a great time in Vietnam, click the photo for where we think are the Top 5 Places to go Caving in Vietnam.





If you were thinking of golfing holiday for a week or two. You would definitely not think "Vietnam golfing holiday" was a search term you would use when researching where to go. Yet here it is at number 10!

In fact, more and more affluent businessmen in Vietnam are turning their eye to playing golf with their chums. Therefore, why not enjoy a round of golf yourself, the Vietnam tourist?

Plenty of excellent golf courses have been sprouting up all over Vietnam and its big business now. Even Colin Montgomerie's name is associated with one here in Vietnam.

We will write a separate article in more depth about the 10 best golf courses in Vietnam. But check out our recommendations here for a brief insight.


Travel Agent Hanoi can plan a fully active Vietnam package for you including any number of the above activities.

Contact us now and we will put together an amazing Vietnam holiday for you and your family!